what makes bed in a box mattresses the best choice

Why bed in a box mattress is considered to be the best nowadays?

More than 164 million Americans are struggling with sleep, and sleeping on the wrong mattress could add to the issue. With too many online mattress brands on the market, and the pressure to purchase from in-store sellers, shopping for mattresses can become daunting. The easiest way to go now appears to be to pick a bed in a box mattress — compressed mattresses made of high-quality fabrics that arrive at your door in a box.

Sleepwalking AS3

The Sleepwalking AS3 mattress is 12 inches long and features three CertiPUR-US ® approved foam layers: 3 inches of Bio-Pur ®, 2 inches of HIVE ® technology affinity, and 7 inches of Bio-Core ®. A light, breathable fabric is used in the mattress cover, intended to keep air flowing around the mattress so that you sleep cool and wake up refreshed. Bio-Pur ® is a plant-based memory foam that substitutes petroleum with castor oil in part, resulting in a mattress that is breathable and flexible relative to standard memory foam. For a 5-zone support layer where hundreds of hexagonal segments form softer support under the hips and shoulders and firmer support under the head, back, and legs, Affinity uses HIVE ® technology. Also pain relief in the body is provided by HIVE ® technology.

Zealai Mattress

The 11 inch tall Zealai Mattress includes 2 inches of TriangulexTM, 2 inches of ReactivTM, and 7 inches of Support+. To keep the sleeper cold, the lightweight polyester knit mattress cover wicks away moisture. In order to form a 3-zone support structure, TriangulexTM uses hundreds of triangular-shaped segments: softer support for the arms , shoulders, and thighs, and firmer support under the back and hips. For similar pressure release, TriangulexTM holds the body resting on the surface without a deep drain. In order to promote spinal balance and keep you from falling through the top comfort layer and bottoming out on the solid centre below, ReactivTM has a latex-like texture with a receptive bounce.

vaya Mattress

If you’re hunting for the perfect mattress offer online, the vaya is one to keep an eye out for. For a queen, the vaya is one of the perfect mattresses for its price at just $595. We love this bed because it is built for almost all body shapes and sleep styles and is compatible with two sleep-promoting layers. The firmness of the vaya is mild and includes 3 inches of vaya Comfort Foam and 9 inches of hard core foam. The relaxation layer contours your body as you lie down on the vaya and adapts to your every movement to hold you elevated on the mattress. What we really like about this foam mattress is its breathability. The foams of vaya are especially porous and practically no heat is trapped.

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