The best picks for side sleepers (Mattresses 2020)

Did you know that about 15% of all adults tend to fall asleep on their sides? Another 41 percent of adults would prefer, with their back hunched and their legs bent, to sleep in the fetal position. We looked at some of the best mattress styles for side sleepers and detailed our preferences, with side sleeping being so popular.

Among women who are currently pregnant, side sleeping is very normal as this is among the best ways to manage their growing babies’ bumps. Bear in mind that sleeping in this is a difficult position and there are a lot of pressure points that in the long run might potentially cause you quite a lot of pain. So, what sort of bed might be useful for side sleepers?

Among the most important items that are able to provide you with the requisite rest and relaxation is definitely a great mattress. In addition, if correctly chosen, it may also help avoid snoring and promote circulation. However, it is quite daunting to choose the correct one as there are quite a few significant items that you can account for.

Plushbeds tanical Bliss

Latex beds are a compelling option when designed to a high standard, particularly for people who like a bouncy mattress. There’s no question that the PlushBeds tanical Bliss is designed to meet lofty expectations with an eco-conscious emphasis on its materials. The driving force behind tanical Bliss is natural latex; more precisely, several layers of organic, GOLS-certified Dunlop latex are used in the mattress. There are three Dunlop latex layers in the 10-inch model, each of which is three inches wide. A half-inch thick cover of wool and cotton, which are both GOTS-certified, rounds out the mattress.

Leasa Hybrid Mattress

The Leasa Hybrid is a hybrid bed of high quality that provides excellent all-around performance. There are five layers of this 12-inch mattress, the top three of which form the comfort framework. A latex-like polyfoam that provides a blend of bounce and contouring is the topmost layer. The memory foam of the next sheet, which conforms to the body and isolates motion around the bed surface. Under this is an extra layer of polyfoam transformation. A pocketed coil system is composed of the support Centre, allowing for a support and a breathable bed foundation. Although each foam layer has a distinct feeling in the comfort system, they work together to provide the Leasa with the ability to minimize pressure and facilitate spinal alignment without causing sleepers to feel trapped in the bed.


Two robust mattress elements, an innerspring support Centre and latex comfort layer take advantage of a latex hybrid, and the zawaro is a standout version that is our choice for the best luxury latex hybrid. Luxury comes from simplicity and the use of high-end materials in this situation. Four inches of natural Dunlop latex is the comfort framework and nine inches of thick innerspring coils are the support heart. The cover is an organic cotton and wool mix.

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