Lying in bed for long hours will eventually lead the body to intense stress points, resulting in bedsores. Lateral Rotation Mattresses join the advantages of sidelong revolution, low air leakage, weight help in a solitary convenient framework. Selectable turning edges give the capacity to reciprocally pivot patients. This decreases the danger of complexities related to immobilization. Furthermore, the Lateral Rotation Mattress Systems offer unequaled patient solace by managing warmth and dampness, mitigating weight, and decreasing contact and shear. These beds and mattresses frameworks help turn disabled patients for pressure redistribution.

Lateral Rotation Mattresses is an absolute necessity for bed-bound patients experiencing an assortment of illnesses this mattress is to help them with turning and moving their body weight while lying in bed. Without this mattress intensive rundown of medical issues can happen, including bed (or pressure sores) injuries, breakdown of skin tissue, and diseases influencing different inward organs. A turning sleeping cushion, otherwise called lateral therapy mattress, gives ordinary sidelong development for the patient using tension to make a calculated plane that makes the body turn. These are also some of the best mattress for back pain side sleeper.

Working of Lateral Mattress

The lateral rotation mattress causes the body to be in one place and is always rotated so that impact with the mattress is not continuous. The patient’s lateral rotation mattress shifts and turns in a perpendicular direction. It deals with cerebral blood flow and epithelial cells drainage and decreases the risk of ventilator-associated accidents in immobile patients for the prevention and treatment of Stage 1-4 pressure ulcers, ventilated air cells on the mattress provide pressure redistribution. In either direction, the patient can be rotated up to forty degrees and the device can be adjusted according to the needs of the person for frequent rotation.


The lateral rotation mattress offers successful stationery or movement therapies and provides patients who cannot handle manual rotating turning severe pain. For those that are immobile and at risk of pulmonary problems, it is appropriate. In long-term ventilator patients, the lateral rotation mattress has been found to minimize the chances of infections and to offer significant advantages for patients at risk of adult respiratory distress is helpful for those missing sufficient turning in the bed

People with the following conditions need lateral rotation therapy mattress and that is why it is used all over the world in different hospitals

  • It is useful for people who cannot move due to their old age
  • Those who have some back injuries
  • Those who have sudden numbness or weakness in the face and 
  • Patients who Possess psoriatic arthritis
  • People with severe brain injury
  • People Subjected to lumbar fusion
  • Have scleroderma of the body