If your old mattress is outdated, you may experience discomfort and pain. Your mattress plays an important role in your health. If your mattress sags too much so your body will sink too much, resulting in spinal misalignment. Your mattress springs will touch your body will you lie down, resulting in severe body pain. The first thing a doctor recommends when you visit him regarding your body pain is how to sleep. He may recommend a specific mattress and sleeping position. Choosing the right mattress is a key thing. You may buy a new mattress, but still, you won’t feel any difference. This is because your body has particular needs. Every mattress has different features. The firmness level is fundamental. It would help if you chose a mattress with an appropriate firmness level to suit your body pain.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses have air trapped inside the substances that give support and comfort. They are different from spring mattresses that have coils inside the mattress to provide the bounce. A foam mattress consists of multiple foam layers with varying densities. Each layer has a specific function. The base layer is dense.

Best foam mattresses for reducing hip pain

Foam mattress with a firmness level of 5 cushions your hip and body parts. It is entirely made of foam. 10 inches thick, and the top layer is made of polyfoam. This mattress provides excellent conforming and provides great support to the hip. This mattress is highly responsive, so you will not have that sinking feeling. It is the best mattress topper for hip pain. Sinking too much makes hip pain even worse. It does not retain body heat, so do not worry if you are a hot sleeper. Right below the top layer, there is a 1-inch transitional layer of polyfoam. The support layer consists of 7 inches thick and dense polyfoam. These three layers combine to make a perfect medium-firm mattress. This mattress has a 120 days sleep trial, so do not worry. If your hip pain does not go away, you can return it within 120 days.

One of the best foam mattresses for hip pain is this gel memory foam mattress with a firmness level of 6. It falls under the medium firmness category. This gel memory foam mattress’s comfort layer is made up of polyfoam. This adaptive polyfoam contours to your body and provides excellent support to the hip. One of the main qualities of polyfoam is that it sinks very less, so it is perfect for reducing hip pain. The support and transitional layers of this gel memory foam mattress are also made up of polyfoam. These two layers are comparatively dense than the first layer. This thing provides support and proper cushioning to the body parts. Side Sleepers who are suffering from hip pain get proper support from the transitional and support layer. Another innovation is Aircell technology. Mattresses made up of Aircell foam contain pockets that provide excellent ventilation. The problem with traditional memory foam mattresses is that it gets soft after retaining heat. Hence, the body gets sink inside the mattress, so it is recommended for people suffering from hip pain.